the necessary conversation


the necessary conversation

What drives the leaders?

Performance driven, purpose drive, culture driven?
Leaders today face not only multifaceted and changing challenges but also heterogeneous, uncoordinated drives and pressures.


Markets, consumers and distribution are as volatile as ever. Going from hit to flop can happen in the space of a season. One must be able to catch the waves, exploit them and avoid being swept away.


We have learnt that uncertainty is often the only certainty. That is why one can and must plan even when conditions are changeable and unclear. How to do this is the most important skill of a Leader today.


The media, distribution networks, and production today touch levels of complexity that verge on the singular. A capacity for focus shifting that allows one to understand problems in depth without losing sight of the big picture is essential for those who have to design and guide strategies.


Mass transport, commercial globalisation and the world wide web have, in the space of two decades, projected us into a world extremely rich and hungry for diversity (cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and gender). In order to understand them, we must decode them. It is a prerequisite.

That is why we believe that without communication there is no capable leadership. And that without leadership, there is no effective communication. We offer advisory, leadership communication and training services.

We work with specialised partners to ‘guide those who lead’ to find the right references and content.

Advisory and Leadership communication

Our senior partners have been supporting CEOs and C-Levels for years in defining communication to the organisation, stakeholders, institutions and the market.

We have helped mayors, prime ministers, CEOs and managers communicate and build trust.


We work with the best companies on the market and leading business schools to build ad hoc projects, offering expertise and professional development.