The conversation between worlds

Why Culture is (the) Key

We have entered the age of diversity: gender, ethnic, cultural, geographical, and climatic. Each place, each community, has developed its own culture, its own way of responding to challenges and organising social life, work, and the future.

For a marketer always desperate for insight, knowing the cultural drivers of a market today is a strategic opportunity. For those who communicate in increasingly fluid and emergent contexts, knowing and understanding the emotional preferences of the market is an unparalleled asset. For those who have to lead complex organisations, an in-depth understanding of the dimensions of organisational culture is a compass.

The Net is an ethnographic platform at the disposal of communicators and marketers, which must be used wisely and continuously. Anthropological marketing is not only a distinctive lever. It is a real key to interpreting and igniting the engine of business.

That is why we have invested in certifications,, tools and talents capable of analysing, understanding and generating cultural insights that guide business, market and communication strategies for those who need to internationalise, for those who lead business transformation processes and change management, for those who plan and manage political, crisis and strategic communication.

National Culture

For those who face the global challenges of ethnic diversity, whether in the world or within their own organisation, we offer services of:

culture mapping

Analysis and scenario of cultural differences and drivers in selected countries.

culture strategy

A consulting activity to define the ideal strategy for negotiating, hiring, collaborating and communicating in a multimarket scenario.

culture coaching

Daily support to global teams or for negotiations. Cross-market services. A suite of marketing, legal and commercial services to explore or develop a specific market.

Organizational Culture

A comprehensive mapping, alignment and strategy for organisational culture change. Our methodology provides a 3-step path to: La nostra metodologia fornisce un percorso in 3 passi per:


  • Defining the organisation’s optimal culture
  • Measuring current culture
  • Carrying out a gap analysis and develop a culture change strategy