We believe in the oldest technology in the world, conversation.

Language is the most advanced tool in history. For millennia, it has allowed information to pass from one mind to another, to another and to yet another. Dialogue is its evolution, it allows people to confront each other and grow. That is why we are called Kaiwa, which means ‘Conversation‘ in Japanese. Because communication, from Mass Media to Social Networks, is always a message that has to arrive, has to spread.

We specialise in listening to and measuring the market, creating the right messages and finding the right means to disseminate them.
We are KAIWA, the “Conversations agency“.

Our Ikigai:
purpose, passion, and profession.

Ikigai is an ancient Japanese technique of defining one’s ‘life purpose’ in pursuit of personal balance and happiness.
We adapted it with design thinking techniques in a workshop to help companies define their purpose.